Town/RM Fire Agreement

This agreement made between:

The Town of Arcola, in the Province of Saskatchewan, (hereinafter referred to as the Town), and The Rural Municipality of Brock No. 64, in the Province of Saskatchewan, (hereinafter referred to as the R.M.)

WHEREAS the R.M. and the Town are desirous of entering into an agreement providing for the joint operation of the Arcola Fire Department and for the joint provision of fire protections services;

WHEREAS the Town and R.M. are agreeable to sharing the costs of providing fire protection services as set out herein;

NOW THEREFORE, this agreement witnesses in consideration of the Mutual Covenants on hehalf of the parties hereto as follows:

1. That a fire protection committee shall be formed, consisting of the following members:

a.  Two (2) people appointed by the R.M. and

b.  Two (2) people appointed by the Town;

c.  The Fire Chief and one other member of the Fire Department, but they do not have any voting privileges.

2. The Town to be responsible for billing out and collecting all fire and rescue calls as per the rates within this agreement, any invoices not collected within the R.M. at December 31 in the year of billing, to be billed to the R.M. for their collection.

3. The cost of fire prevention, suppression and emergency response services within the Town and R.M. shall be charged directly to the persons who receive the service in accordance with the following rates:

a. Ratepayers of the Town and R.M.: $1,000/fire call up to 3 hours, and $500/hour thereafter.

b. The Council may authorize the Administrator to add to the taxes of any property owned by the person referenced in Section 3(a) of this bylaw any amount which remains unpaid, at any time.

c. Fire Calls to other Municipalities and non-ratepayers at a rate of $750/hour.

d. Computation of time charged to be based on time of departure from the Arcola fire hall until the time returned to the Arcola fire hall.

4. Revenues shall be deposited in the Town of Arcola fire account.

5. The Town of Arcola Fire account to be used only with the approval of both the Town Council and the R.M. Council.

6. Volunteer Fire Fighters will be paid $20/hour while attending a fire call-out. The volunteer must be a member of the Arcola Fire Department, must have attended meetings and taken the classes offered before reimbursement is paid.

7. Fees shall be paid by the Town to the Volunteer Fire Fighters upon receipt of the signed call-out sheet verified by the fire chief.

8. The Town to be responsible for paying the bills for the fire department; which includes the following operating expenses, but are not limited to:

a. Insurance: building, equipment, liabilities, and fire fighters;

b. Fire Trucks and Equipment – repairs, fuel, foam, and related expenses;

c. Communication costs;

d. Fire Fighters’ expenses – including remuneration, training, etc.

e. Fire Hall utilities and maintenance.

9. The Town and R.M. agree to split the costs of the fire department evenly between them: 50% Town and 50% R.M.

10. The Fire Protection Committee shall submit to the Town and R.M. prior to February 1st of each year a budget of the estimated expenses for capital expenditures.

11. Future Capital expenditures which are deemed necessary by both parties hereto, subject to the approval in the budgets of the Town and R.M., shall be split evenly between them: 50% Town and 50% R.M.

12. This bylaw shall come into force January 1, 2013 and remain in force from year to year, except may terminate upon either party providing the other party with twelve months written notice of its intention to withdraw from the agreement.