Blue cart, green community!

Regens blue binThe Town of Arcola, along with Regens Disposal, is excited to introduce the new single stream curbside recycle bins! Click here for a printable schedule of the 2015 pickup dates.

Regens Disposal dropped off the new curbside recycle bins to all residents on April 24th, with the first pick up scheduled for May 4th, and then every second Monday from then on.

We are excited about this new program and hope everyone will benefit from it! Some important points to know with this new program are as follows:

  • Single stream recycling means no sorting!
  • All your recyclables from cardboard, paper, newspaper, magazines, tin cans, milk cartons, plastic bottles, beer/pop cans, and glass liquor bottles can be placed in these new carts.
  • All cardboard is to be placed loosely in the carts.
  • Please make sure all cans, cartons, and bottles are rinsed and caps removed.
  • Make sure any plastic that is recycled has #1 through #7 marked on the bottom.
  • Things not to recycle: food-contaminated cardboard, soiled tissues, styrofoam, household garbage, hazardous material such as paint, construction material, tires, or oil.

Remember that with this curbside recycling, the big recycle bins to the west of the Town Office will be removed in May.

If anyone has not received a bin or has any questions please contact the Town Office.