Multicultural Week

Arcola Town Council has proclaimed the week of November 17-25, 2018, as Multicultural Week in Arcola!  We all benefit when our communities welcome people from many cultures!

Airport Runway Concerns

It has been reported to the Town that people have been driving on the airport runway, and that this has caused ruts to form.  This is a hazard to planes landing on the runway.  We ask that everyone stay off the runway.  It is not safe for people, animals, or vehicles to be on there.  […]

Shop Locally!

Just a reminder that we have a terrific community here!  Please remember to support your local businesses!

Water Ban

Your cooperation is requested!  Council has implemented ban on watering of lawns and gardens.  This is precautionary, to ensure a continued adequate supply of water for household and business needs.

House Numbers Required

Should you ever need police, ambulance or fire responders at your home or place of business, they may be delayed in reaching you if you don’t have numbers on your building.  If you are not sure what your house/business number is, contact the town office for your civic address.