New Landfill Hours!

The Town has decided to change up the landfill hours for the rest of July and August!

Our summer student will be working Thursday nights to better accommodate residents. Instead of being open 1-3pm, the landfill will now be open 5-7pm on Thursday nights.

These new hours will be effective starting July 13th:

Tuesday- 1-2pm

Thursday- 5-7pm

Saturday- 1-4pm

Just a reminder that the following fees are due at the gate, payable by cash or cheque:

Small trailer or truck- $7
½ ton truck/trailer- $20
1 ton truck- $ 45
3 ton trucks/single axle- $100

Couches and carpets- $20 each
Love seats or chairs- $15 each
Fridges, stoves, washers- $15 each

Water heaters, small metal items- $7 each

Leaves/Branches- Free

** Remember that no tires or shingles can be taken to the landfill!**