Town Council

The Town of Arcola Council meets one Tuesday per month at the Town Office located at 127 Main Street.

Contact 306-455-2212 or to add an item to the agenda.

Get to know the Council members by reading some Q&A below.

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Harry LaurentMayor Harry Laurent

Years on council? 8 (2004 to 2010 and 2013 to present)

Why did you want to become Mayor? I am interested in the town I live in and want to do what I can to make it a town anyone can be proud of. I believe, as a resident and business owner in a town, it is a civil duty to give your time to your community. I want to give back to the community and being involved in town council allows me that opportunity.

What do you like about Arcola? I like the location. People here focus on quality of life and appreciate the many opportunities right at your doorstep to do what you like without the cost often incurred in larger centers. Our family enjoys golfing, fishing, snowmobiling and hunting – all available within a short drive. It is a progressive town offering all the services needed by a family for day-to-day life. I like the residents of the town and surrounding area and the energy they bring to the community.

What’s something people might not know about the Mayor’s job? You do not vote on motions unless there is a tie. The Mayor, generally speaking, does not make the decisions for the town; the Aldermen do. The Mayor’s role is more as a facilitator.

Why is Arcola a great place to visit, live or work? Arcola is a town full of history as well as new businesses. The people in town are welcoming, show pride in their homes and yards and are willing to help their neighbours.



Christie Hislop B.B.A. – Town Administrator

Why did you want to become a town administrator? I have family that’s been in administrative positions. My uncle has been for a long time and my dad works for the town in Pilot Butte, where I grew up. They talked to me about its benefits and the experience you can gain, and it quickly interested me. When the position came up it worked out well because I had just moved to the area.

What’s the best part of your job? I like the challenge. That’s my favourite part. The amount of work you do here, I Christie Peddie portraitdon’t just do one thing. I do accounts payable, receivable, I do accounting, I deal with the public…I really like the challenge. Every day is different!

What’s something people might not know about the job? We have to deal with the Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan with grants and that is a huge process. It’s very detailed and difficult to get done.

You’ve been in Arcola a while now. What do you like about the town? There is so much to like about Arcola! The heritage and all the old buildings really are a site to see! Also the sense of community we have here is great! There are so many volunteer organizations that rally together and do so much for the community. And of course the people! There are so many wonderful people in town and it really shows.

What are your hobbies? Since I could walk, I’ve dressed head to toe in Maple Leafs stuff. My dad’s a huge hockey fan and so I grew up with that. Sledding is another huge hobby and that’s also another thing I love about here, the hills. The park is really nice to go sledding and we are lucky to have it so close!


Colin Brownridge – Councillor

Why did you want to become involved in civic politics? It has always been an interest of mine. The opportunity was presented recently and I saw a good chance in helping any way I can for the best interests of the residents in Arcola.

What do you like about living in Arcola? Small-town atmosphere.

Why is Arcola a good place to run a business? The costs are very reasonable to run a business here versus many other areas. Arcola has been good also because everyone knows everyone. My employees enjoy living in and supporting the town as well.

What’s your favourite memory of growing up here? Countless hours spent growing up at the hockey rink with friends.

What sets Arcola apart from other towns? It is a small town yet everything a person needs is still available, whether it is from the wide variety of businesses in town or the public services like the hospital, school etc.

What do you plan to accomplish in your first year as a councillor? Being a younger business owner and resident in Arcola I’ve seen many changes within the town. I hope some of my ideas and input can help Arcola to continue moving forward in the right direction for many more years to come.



Tricia Glines – Councillor

Years on council? 5 (2009 to present)Tricia Glines

Why did you choose to become involved in civic politics? I became involved because I thought as a business owner, and being new to town, it would be beneficial and educational.

Is the job what you expected? It’s not exactly what I expected. I quickly realized how little I know about bylaws, roadways, construction and politics in general. It was a steep learning curve and still is in many ways.

What kind of fun can a person get up to in Arcola? There’s often events going on at Prairie Place, we have a movie theater in town, and there are trails nearby if you like to go snowmobiling or quadding.

What’s your favourite memory of being here? My daughter’s kindergarten graduation.

What makes Arcola a good place to live? I moved here from the city, so wasn’t sure how I would enjoy living in a small town. It’s a great, strong and active community with amazing people and I’m very glad I’m a part of it.



Bert Hale – Councillor

Years on cBert Haleouncil? 5 (2009 to present)

Why did you want to become involved in civic politics? I felt that I wanted to be part of the decision making process and that I could contribute some experience and knowledge.

What sets Arcola apart from other towns? Its unique pioneer history with some restored original pioneer buildings.

What’s something about Arcola someone might not know? The movie “Who has Seen the Wind” was filmed in the Arcola area.

What’s your favourite thing to do here? Working at a great health facility and going for quiet evening walks.



Elaine Hislop – Councillor

Years on council? 1.5 (October 2012 to present). Previous council experience – was Town Administrator from March 1982 to December 31, 1987.

What did you like about growing up in Arcola? I grew up on a mixed grain, commercial cattle and dairy farm eight miles south of Arcola but went to school and graduated from Arcola High School. My mother was a stay-at-home mom and was anything but. My father farmed and was a part-time auctioneer. I have four sisters and one brother. I LOVED growing up in Arcola. I have so many great school memories. A lot of my school classmates I graduated with still live in Arcola or nearby. I think of Arcola as a community. I was always proud to say I was from Arcola. It is a great town to be Elaine Hislopproud of and still is.

What is your favourite memory? Fair day was always the third Wednesday in July. A couple days before fair day we would go to the fair grounds and prepare for the events. The most exciting part was when the carnival arrived. “My God,” I thought, “Wow!” And when the Ferris Wheel went up with all the lights in was amazing. Fair day was so special. All the businesses closed for the day so everyone could attend.

What is Arcola’s best-kept secret? The Arcola Brick Yard (1903). Ever wondered why Arcola has so many brick buildings? It is because we had a brick yard in the early 1900s. Most of the stone foundation for all these early buildings was created by my great grandfather William G. Anderson, a stone mason.

Describe Arcola in one word. Home. It’s the first word that comes to mind. I would not live anywhere else.



Matthew Wheeler – Councillor

Years on council? 1 (2014 to present)

Why did you want to become involved in civiv politics? I think it’s important for younger people to be involved in the community.Matthew Wheeler

What do you like about living in Arcola? I like the sense of community involvement that people in town have. Almost everyone is involved in some form or other, whether it’s the Hall, Optimist Club, rink board or kids’ sports.

Why did you choose Arcola to raise your family? My wife and I both have family close and essentially grew up here. When it came to choosing a place to start a family, it was an easy decision.

What’s your favourite memory of growing up here? The countless shinny games in the old rink.

What do you plan to accomplish in your first year as a town councillor? I am excited to learn how things on council work and find out where and how I can help.