Service Clubs and Sports Teams

The following is a list of service club and sports teams in Arcola with contact information if you are interested in joining.

If you would like to add/remove yourself from this list please submit a request through the contact page or stop in at the Town Office.


Group Contact
Arcola/Kisbey 4H Club Jeff Lees- 577-1375, 455-2128
Arcola Cemetery Town Office- 455-2212
Arcola/Kisbey Combines Sr. Hockey Club Lucas Hislop- 577-8627
Arcola Community Band Nora Stewart – 455-2513
Arcola Curling Club Terri-Lee Lees- 455-2764
Arcola Daycare 455-2186
Arcola Fair Board
  • Al Fletcher- 455-2649
  • Autumn Downey- 455-2428
Arcola Figure Skating Club Stacy Brownridge- 455-2330
Arcola & R.M. of Brock Fire Dept Mike Heidinger- 577-7340
Arcola Lacrosse Colleen Hengen- 455-2263
Arcola Minor Ball Cody Grimes- 577-7870
Arcola Minor Hockey Jen Wotta- 577-9418
Arcola Museum Adrian Paton- 455-2566
Arcola Optimist Club Blake Brownridge- 577-9904
Arcola-Carlyle Palliative Care Hospital- 455-2771
Arcola Public Library 455-2592
Arcola School 455-2340
Arcola Threshers Men’s Baseball Cody Grimes- 577-7870
Girl Guides
  • Jade Maygard- 575-3444
  • Christa Morhart- 634-7229
Moose Mountain Health Care Corp Sheila Sim- 577-8222
Moose Mountain Health Care Recruitment Committee Sheila Sim- 577-8222
Moose Mountain Wildlife Clay Chapman- 577-7686
Moose Mountain Wildlife Archery Club TBD